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Our Philosophy

We bring you alternatives, we help you be different, and better!

We believe in bringing all of our passion to what we love to do: introducing new beers and beverages of extreme quality to our Customers. We work closely with our Brewery and Distiller partners to make sure the highest quality and range are available from us.

Brandwerk is a company of talented and passionate people that love to bring the purest quality products in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, the places we live and love. We have chosen to work with the best breweries/distilleries to bring you genuinely superior alternatives.

“Exclusive” means we are trusted to do the very best with our breweries and distiller’s provisions, it also means that dealing directly with the source, we have the best value, and we love to pass this on to our Customers.

We’re really just a group of guys who enjoy drinking what we supply.

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